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The shoulder: mobile, complex and sensitive

The shoulder is an extremely complex joint due to its high degree of freedom of movement.

Shoulder problems can result from accident-related injuries, which often affect patients who are active in sports. Furthermore, wear-related, chronically degenerative or spontaneous diseases of the shoulder region also occur without accidental exposure.

In recent years, decisive progress has been made in the treatment of shoulder complaints thanks to a better understanding of the significance of individual anatomical structures and how they function, and research into biological relationships.

The elbow: one of the most important joints in the human body

The elbow is increasingly affected by overstrain in our mechanised world. Especially the so-called “mouse hand” is increasingly causing problems for patients.

In daily practice, the following symptoms in the shoulder and elbow are encountered more often:

  • impingement syndrome
  • calcified shoulder – tendinitis calcarea
  • torn shoulder muscles (rotator cuff injuries)
  • AC joint blasts
  • frozen shoulder
  • shoulder instability or luxation
  • clavicle fracture
  • shoulder arthrosis
  • the golf elbow
  • the tennis elbow
  • the mouse hand

This list represents only a selection of diseases of the shoulder and elbow joint, which can be diagnosed, among many others, by means of an appropriate examination by a specialist. In case of pain and complaints, we recommend that you have a personal consultation with one of our doctors. We would be happy to arrange an appointment with you.