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Long-/ Post-Covid Treatment

What does a possible Long Covid treatment look like?

Effective Long-Covid treatment requires a holistic approach since the symptoms are not limited to one area of the body or one organ system.

Given that Long-Covid symptoms post-infection are not confined to one area of the body or one organ system, a holistic therapy is a promising approach. Various treatment approaches enable comprehensive and diverse treatment of Long and Post Covid symptoms.
From functional medicine, various treatment approaches are known to suit Long-COVID patients.

Various treatment approaches such as:

  • Nutritional counseling
  • Physical therapy measures
  • Infusion and micronutrient therapies, as well as
  • Improving cell metabolism can help treat the diverse symptoms.

While there are no approved medicinal treatments for Long Covid, the mentioned approaches have proven effective and goal-oriented. However, it is important to note that effective treatment becomes increasingly difficult with the duration of the illness. Therefore, patients should start therapy early to prevent chronicity.