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Infusion Therapy

Infusion Therapy: A Power-Booster for the Immune System

Our body requires micronutrients such as minerals, trace elements, and vitamins to function well. These helpers strengthen our body's immune defense and enhance our performance. An imbalanced diet, medications like antibiotics, as well as acute or chronic inflammations, are typical "micronutrient thieves". To prevent deficiencies, we rely on an external supply of micronutrients in such cases.
Compared to oral administration, infusion has several key advantages: What enters the vein is immediately available to the body. The absorption is fast, efficient, and complete. The preparations matching the individual medical history, containing vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, go directly into the bloodstream. Instead of being expelled through the gastrointestinal tract, the body can directly utilize the micronutrients.
Furthermore, large quantities can be administered during an infusion therapy.

What is Infusion Therapy?
Whether it's fluids, medications, or nutrients – this therapy form can bring them directly into the body tissue, where they immediately exert their effect without having to go through the digestive tract. Vital body functions of patients can be stabilized and restored through the direct supply of nutrients. In the context of macro and micronutrient therapy, there is adequate provision of essential macro and micronutrients to eliminate deficiencies.

Who Can Benefit from Infusion Therapy?
Do you often feel tired, listless, and weak? Are your blood values normal according to your general practitioner, yet you suffer from digestive problems, allergies, sleep disturbances, or concentration difficulties? We live in a stressful and fast-paced world where these symptoms are not uncommon. Our hectic daily lives often leave little time to pay attention to a balanced diet. Stress and lack of exercise contribute to various deficiencies. Besides stress and unhealthy eating, there are other risk factors for the development of vitamin or trace element deficiencies. From a certain age, during pregnancy, or in certain chronic diseases, the body suddenly requires more nutrients. If this increased demand is not adequately met, unpleasant deficiencies occur. Micronutrient therapy is sensible for the following chronic diseases:

  • Allergies
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Rheumatism
  • Diabetes
  • Dementia
  • Immune system weaknesses
  • Cancer, and many more

Empty stores are not immediately apparent. It takes a while before we notice that our function and performance have already been significantly reduced. Deficiencies manifest gradually and are often overlooked. If you already notice symptoms like constant tiredness or a decrease in performance, infusion therapy could be helpful. If the body lacks essential nutrients over an extended period, it can lead to serious consequences, including cell damage and disrupted metabolic processes.

Natürlich können Antriebslosigkeit, Müdigkeit und Leistungsabfall auch andere Gründe haben – dennoch ist es wichtig, zunächst abzuklären, ob es sich um eine Mangelerscheinung handeln könnte. Die Infusionstherapie zielt darauf ab, Mangelerscheinungen zu beheben, die körpereigene Entgiftung zu stimulieren und im Rahmen der allgemeinen Gesundheitsoptimierung die Leistungsfähigkeit und das Wohlbefinden zu verbessern.Of course, listlessness, fatigue, and a decrease in performance can have other reasons – yet, it's important to first clarify if it could be due to a deficiency. Infusion therapy aims to correct deficiencies, stimulate the body's detoxification, and improve performance and well-being as part of general health optimization.

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