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The knees: With us you don’t need to have tender knees

The knee joint with its numerous ligaments and surrounding muscles is the largest joint in the body. It is considered to be particularly susceptible and therefore often causes complaints. Knee pain often means a loss of quality of life. Knee pain in young or athletically active people is mainly due to injury, while in older people it is mainly due to wear and tear.

The following symptoms are more common in daily practice:

  • torn meniscus
  • cartilage injuries
  • injury to the anterior and posterior cruciate ligament
  • injury of the collateral ligaments
  • patellar complaints
  • leg axis malalignment
  • knee arthrosis

In addition to this selection of knee joint diseases, many others can be diagnosed by means of a corresponding examination by a specialist. In case of pain and complaints, we recommend that you have a personal consultation with one of our doctors. We would be happy to arrange an appointment with you.