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Digital X-ray diagnostics

Digital X-ray diagnostics is a radiological imaging procedure that gives us a very precise insight into your bone structure. Digital X-ray diagnostics is a procedure that can be performed quickly. At the same time, it is low-radiation and gives you as a patient a reliable diagnosis.

´Digitally produced X-rays require a very low radiation dose for image production. As a result, you as a patient are only exposed to a very low radiation dose during the examination. Our specialist staff have been trained accordingly in X-ray diagnostics through specialist courses.

Support through image converters

Our diagnostic and therapeutic work is also supported by image converters. X-ray fluoroscopy (image converter, C-arm) enables the assessment of dynamic processes as well as X-ray findings in real time. This is necessary, for example, during a surgical procedure or for the exact placement of an injection cannula for injections on the spinal column.

Many of the structures of the body to be treated by means of injections are located deep in the tissue, below the skin surface. Features such as palpable bones or skin folds provide information about the approximate location. However, they don’t provide a reliable representation of the structure to be treated. With an image converter, the body region can be immediately displayed on a monitor in real time by means of X-rays. After the treatment objective has been precisely displayed, the needle can be safely placed. In this way, possible side effects and unwanted complications are reduced.

Focal points of the treatment

In our joint practice, we set the following focus areas for this form of treatment:

  • tarsal injections,
  • carpal injections,
  • elbow injections,
  • injections of all small joints,
  • hip joint injections,
  • ankle joint injections,
  • vertebral joint injections
  • injections close to the intervertebral discs.

The number of necessary treatments depends on the success of the therapy. Experience has shown that it is between two and six appointments. Depending on the period of improvement, these series can be repeated. Depending on the content of the injection, the costs for this therapy can be covered by both private and statutory health insurance companies. We will be happy to clarify the exact costs in a personal consultation and draw up your individual therapy plan.